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Contact Lens Care

Caring for your Eyes and Contact Lenses

  • Visit your eye practitioner regularly.
  • Always wear and replace lenses as prescribed by your eye practitioner.
  • Remove contact lens before any activity involving contact with water, including showering, using a hot tub, or swimming. Do not immerse your head in a hot spa. 
  • Clean contact lenses in accordance with instructions from your eyecare provider and the manufacturer's guidelines.
  • Use fresh cleaning or disinfecting solution each time lens are cleaned and stored. Never reuse cleaning solution.
  • It is not safe to use saline solution or rewetting drops to store contacts. Saline is only salty water which will not disinfect lenses.
  • Do not use homemade saline solution.
  • Be sure to clean, rub, and rinse your lenses each time you remove your contacts. This will aid in removing harmful microbes and residues.
  • Contact lens solutions should be used within 90 days of opening each bottle.
  • Store reusable lenses in the proper storage case.
  • Storage cases should be rubbed and rinsed with sterile contact lens solution, emptied, and left open to dry after each use. 
  • Keep your contact lens case upside down, uncapped and placed on a clean tissue when not being used.  
  • Storage cases should be replaced at least once every three months. Usually a new case will be enclosed with your new order of contact lens solution.

Insertion and Removal

Hygiene is very important so always wash your hands thoroughly before handling your contact lenses.

After washing, Yourcontacts recommends shaking your hands dry to minimise the risk of contamination from a dirty washer. Alternatively use paper towels to dry your hands. 

We recommend that you always insert and remove the same contact lens first.

To ensure that the lens is not inside out, place the contact on your index finger to see the curve of the lens. If the contact lens has a lip on the edge then it is inside out, if it has a more rounded shape then you can proceed with inserting the lens. Some lenses have an inversion indicator and if the image is mirrored then the lens is inverted. 

Inserting Soft Disposable Contact Lenses

If you are right-handed, place the lens on the index finger of the right hand. Hold your top lid with the fingers of the left hand. It is easier to hold the lid if you trap the eyelashes under the fingertips and hold the base of the eyelid and keep the fingers more or less vertical. Looking in a mirror, hold the bottom lid with the longest finger on the right hand. Gently place the contact on the centre of your eye over the iris, release your hands and slowly close your lids. Roll your eyes under closed lids to settle the lens before blinking. Blink and wait a few seconds and check the lens is centred properly. If the contact lens is uncomfortable, slide it onto the white of your eye and then blink to re-centre the lens. This should settle the lens and remove any dust trapped under the lens. If you are left-handed use the opposite hand.

Removing Soft Disposable Contact Lenses

If the contacts feel dry, start by instilling a drop of lens lubricant into your eye prior to attempting removal of the lens. This will loosen the contact and relieve the dry feeling. Looking in a mirror, hold the bottom lid with the middle finger of the left hand. Place the index finger of your right hand on the lens and looking up slightly, slowly move the lens down. The lens will buckle slightly. Pinch the lens gently between the index finger and thumb before lifting the contact off your eye. Do not squeeze the lens hard as you will damage or split the material.