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cAir contact lenses to replace CooperVision Avaira

Posted on 24 December 2016

cAir are a new generation lens designed by CooperVision and scheduled to soon replace the Avaira range.

The cAir range of contact lens have been designed with CooperVision's third generation silicon hydrogel material called fanfilcon A, which is inherently wettable. This has the advantage of all the benefits of the original Avaira range of lenses with the added advantage of higher water content with a softer more comfortable lens with greater stability of vision. cAir lenses also include class 1 UV absorption to protect your eyes and ocular surface from harmful ultraviolet light. Information about exposure to UV light and the effect on your eyes can be found here. They also have been manufactured with a front surface aspheric design that produces crisper vision, especially in low light. The pale blue visibility tint in each cAir lens means easier handling.

Each cAir lens is designed to be replaced on a fortnightly schedule.

YourContacts carries the range of cAir lenses online which can be found here.