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Wearing contact lenses in Spring time

Posted on 29 August 2017

Contact Lenses in Spring

Wake up! Spring is just around the corner and it’s time to emerge from Winter hibernation, defrost yourself, and get back to enjoying the warmer seasons!

Spring means new life. The sun rises earlier, and this encourages many contact lens wearers to get back into more regular morning exercise routines. Being motivated to work out and work off the winter layers doesn’t hurt either!  But with this change of season, the increase in outdoor activities also coincides with lot of new, blossoming plant life. And the pollens from all the new flora do not always play nice with our eyes. 

Itchiness, watering eyes, and general sinus sensitivity can affect contact lens wearing comfort and take the spring out of your step. It may seem obvious, but if you are prone to allergies, take care to avoid your triggers. If you have known allergies, strategically scheduling outdoor activities after a rainy day can reduce your exposure to airborne allergens, or if you aren’t able to avoid exposure, you may find relief in a antihistamine to at least reduce your symptoms after being affected. If you aren’t sure of exactly what triggers your reactions, you should visit your General Practitioner who will be able to refer you to an allergy specialist who may be able to help narrow this down for you with some isolation exposure tests with some common culprits. 

Spring isn’t just a season for changing climates though, it’s also wedding season! If you find yourself at the odd outdoor wedding, the last thing you want are red and irritated eyes in every photo you’re in because of pesky pollen particulate matter in the air. If the event is hosted during the day, bring your sunglasses to shield your eyes from winds and make sure you carry plenty of rewetting drops to wash away anything that might catch in your eyes. For formal events like weddings, misplaced traces of makeup such as eyeliner or mascara in your eye may also exacerbate symptoms you might have from allergens. In these instances, disposable lens wearer, have a spare set of contact lenses handy just in case you need to remove. Of course, blurriness in your eyes during a Springtime wedding could just be the emotion of the event, in which case that is completely natural! 

The best way to enjoy your contact lenses during Spring is to know your existing seasonal sensitivities and triggers and to be prepared with the a combination of wits and the right eye care supplies!