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Here's what some of our fantastic customers say:

Thanks for the follow-up. I have indeed received my contact lens. You guys have always been efficient. Thanks for the great service. 

Just wanted to say I've just collected my contact lenses and I think your service was amazing. I had no hassles when ordering to collection of the lenses. Thank you for making the process easy and efficient. Well done to your team!

Charina, Adelaide

I have just started ordering my contacts online and was pleasantly surprised to receive them within 5 days although I was advised that it may take up to 10 days and I love the savings that it means to me. Thanks heaps!!!


Thank you YourContacts for your wonderful customer service. It was so quick and easy to get my contact lenses. Great work.

Matt, Darwin.

I received my contact lenses today, after I only ordered them on Monday. Fantastic service. I'll definitely be getting my contact lenses through yourcontacts from now on!

Kristi, Kensington.


Thanks so much. My contacts have arrived. Great price and service!!

Jane, Brunswick