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Frequently Asked Questions

How long after I place my order will I receive my contact lenses?

Delivery within Australia is 2-5 working days when sent by Express Post, unless the contact lenses are on backorder. If your contact lens are not in stock or not available from the manufacturer we will notify you by email within 2 business days.  For more information about shipping see our shipping policy.

Can I claim my contact lenses from my health fund?

YourContacts is a registered provider for most health funds in Australia. If your health fund cover includes extras covering optical and contact lenses then you can claim your lenses supplied by YourContacts. The receipt (which is enclosed with your sent contact lens order) includes the item and provider numbers required to submit a claim to your private health fund. 

Can I use my spectacle prescription to order contact lenses?

No, a spectacle prescription can not be used for contact lens. Contact lens prescriptions are calculated differently to spectacle prescriptions due to the difference in optics. Only your optometrist can determine the correct contact lenses for your eyes and, once fitted correctly, can provide you with a prescription for contact lenses.

How do I read my contact lens prescription?

Contact lens prescriptions have a number of different elements to them. It should have the contact lens brand name required eg "Acuvue Oasys" or "Dailies AquaComfort Moist".

It will also have the base curve which is usually a number between 7 and 9, and diameter which is generally a number between 13 and 15. These are often abbreviated to "bc" and "diam", respectively. As some contact lens brands are only available in one base curve and/or one diameter, these may be missing on the prescription as long as the contact lens brand name is supplied.

All prescriptions will state the power of the contact lenses required. This is sometimes referred to as sphere power and will have a plus or minus before a numerical figure in the form 0.00 (eg -2.50 or +3.75).

Toric contact lens prescriptions for wearers with astigmatism, will also have a cylindrical power and axis. This will be a negative number, (eg -1.25), followed by another number for the axis between 1 and 180 (eg 90). This will often be in the form sphere power/cylindrical power x axis (eg -2.00/-1.75x80)

Multifocal prescriptions will also have an "add" or addition power which can be a number or word (eg +2.00 or low add).

A contact lens prescription for coloured contacts will also list the colour (eg blue).